Thanksgiving Turkey

Manager's Guide to Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving Turkey On A Traeger

Ryan Davy, Minot Store General Manager
March 17 2021

Barbecuing with wood pellets is a concept of cooking that goes back to early days of cooking over open fires the way our ancestors and there ancestors before them did. The real advantage we have is that we can use pellets. They are easier to get, come in many different flavors, and are much easier to store than wood. Good pellets are always a form of natural wood. When wood is turned into pellets they suck the air out which creates a very dense form of the wood, actually denser than its original state. Pellets tend to produce a more intense smoke more rapidly. This intense smoke will encapsulate your food locking in the natural flavors and juices that you normally lose when cooking.

People often ask if using pellets is safe. When pellets are made from natural woods sawdust they use extreme amounts of pressure and intense heat, which eliminates toxic or contaminated material that may have existed in the wood. This creates a sterile smoking wood product of consistent quality. 

At Home of Economy, we are always excited to talk to people about the benefits of using pellet grills. We carry all natural Traeger pellets as well as all natural Lumberjack. We have 14 different flavors of Traeger pellets and 9 different flavors of Lumberjack.  Each flavor is unique and can turn an ordinary cookout into a great cooking experience that everyone in the family will enjoy.  We even have a seasonal Turkey pellet/ Brine kit that will make your Thanksgiving spectacular.  Stop in to Home of Economy for all of your pellet grill needs, we would love to help.