If you happen to find a lower price at a competitor we’ll match their price. We will match their price whether or not it’s advertised. If available bring their ad in with you. 1. The item must be exactly the same item with the same features. Some of our competitors sell a cut down item that looks just like our full-featured product. 2. The item must be in stock at the competitor. Some retailers use an item as a loss leader but don’t stock enough to satisfy demand. 3. The competitor must be in our trade area. 4. We will match Internet prices (including shipping). In nearly all cases we’re already lower-priced than the “discount” on-line retailers. In the case of an on-line price match print the ordering page with the shipping information, bring it in and leave with the product. No wait and you get Home of Economy’s great service after the sale. 5. We reserve the right to limit quantities. 6. We do not match competitors’ gimmick sales, free goods, closeout prices, rebates, and financing options. Home of Economy, your local store for Price, Service, Selection, and Quality.
The above is the rules that we put out explaining the our Guaranteed Lowest Price program. Basically it's a price match policy. We've found this to be enormously successful to regain our image as a low priced store. Many don't know that Home of Economy was one of the first discounters in the country. In fact we are THE FIRST store to offer low prices direct to the farmer. At the time "Fair Trade" laws prohibited a company from offering discount prices. (Is that crazy or what?) My grandfather figured out a way to offer fleet discounts to farmers and stay within the law. Over time we didn't protect our position in the public's minds as being a low priced store. We instituted this program about five years ago to regain it. Occasionally in meetings we'll discuss the rare instances where a customer asks for the lower price they can get elsewhere. Often the customer is mistaken because the items aren't the same or the competitor is advertising in an unethical manner. One example of that is when they advertise an item at a very low price knowing they'll run out of the product. We all run out of sale items; but we do what we can to minimize that as much as possible. The other thing we find is that consumers are misled by other retailers asking manufacturers to cheapen their product. We'll be selling the product the customers want and look bad when the other guys are offering a similar but inferior product. This gives us the chance to explain what the differences are in the product and justify the price differential. The bottom line is that we are happy as heck to deliver the Guaranteed Lowest Price. We sure don't want to send OUR customers elsewhere to do their shopping. That doesn't mean that we don't have to check what's going in the other stores when someone asks. We have to make sure that we aren't being taken advantage of.