Here's something you'd probably never guess that we sell. This is a gigantic automatic parts washer. It's made by our pressure washer company Alkota. So what you do is stick anything you want clean in that basket there up to and including an engine block and let it go to work. It's got a large reservoir full of cleaning solvent. The machine heats up the solvent to make it clean better. The factory guy that delivered it said you'll let it go for a couple hours to get it really spic and span. We've been an Alkota dealer for over 12 years. They make a great hot water pressure washer and we sell a ton of them. Well actually we have an expert, Donnie Johnson, with years and years of experience selling them that does the work. We also repair and refurbish pressure washers. Donnie will take in a trade of your old machine. This is the first time he's sold one of these parts washers. I didn't even know they had them. Here's another picture with one of their stationary hot water pressure washers in the foreground. Alkota is made and headquartered out of South Dakota. It's always nice to deal with neighbors.