H of E is offering an outstanding price on some high quality windshirts. We're able to offer this price because we're buying a regular stock price and having a local but authorized shop to add the Sioux logo on the product. Because of that we are able to have a price of $25.97 which is an outstanding bargain. We ran through our first batch in a couple weeks. Right now the rack in Grand Fork is full, but that won't last long. We can ship these into another store if there's a request. The jackets themselves are very well made. We use the same thing as alternative winter uniform shirt for our team members who want a little extra warmth on the job. We picked these because of how well the shirts hold up. These jackets come in three colors, black, tan and green. My pictures don't do them justice. http://homeofeconomy.net/images/uploads/IMG_0248.JPG http://homeofeconomy.net/images/uploads/IMG_0249.JPG http://homeofeconomy.net/images/uploads/IMG_0250.JPG