We're soon off to Devils Lake to count all of their stuff. This should be an easier inventory than the Minot and Grand Forks inventory. Not that those went too badly, but Devils Lake has less stuff than the other two and their backroom is almost negligible. Our Schedule is to leave for Devils Lake from Grand Forks right after lunch. We'll close the store at 3pm and count until 11 pm or so. Any later and we start making a lot of mistakes. But every hour we work late on the first night means we're home that much earlier the next. This is also one of the stores close to Grand Forks and in the middle of Grand Forks, Minot, Jamestown and Grafton so it's easy for everyone to get there. We've started using the meeting room at the Devils Lake Casino to hold some vendor meetings because it is so convenient. The problem with doing so many inventories is two fold. First of all you get wore down while your regular work piles up. The other thing is that there's a lot of work fixing discrepancies after the inventory when you have two or three inventories. We're almost ready to close Minot, we've just started working on the Grand Forks reports and we're off to do Devils Lake. It's important to work the after inventory reports. We cut the discrepancy in Minot 70% after the inventory. Right now it looks pretty good.