Barb and her crew have been busy in Williston. They've had the old clothing back room ripped out so that we can have more product on the floor. This first picture gives you a good idea of how much room we gained on the sales floor. It's the wall on the right that got taken out. This is a picture of the new clothing counter and the new changing rooms. The door on the left is the source of the light in the first picture. It seems that it used to be more important to us to have a good warehouse than to have a good salesfloor. When you think about it that doesn't make a lot of sense. Nothing sells by itself out of the warehouse. We've done a lot of work over the years to move out the walls and have the product out so the busy customer can get what they want. We were out there a couple weeks ago. While the project wasn't done the department was already much better displayed because of the extra room. Williston is probably our best store for clothing. I think we just made it that much better. (For a minute I took that poster in the bottom picture as a real construction worker.)