So on Saturday Minot will be the third Home of Economy store to offer live bait in the store. We already do a great job with bait in Grand Forks and Devils Lake. Grand Forks actually sells more bait than Devils Lake. Some would think that you'd sell more bait at the lake then in Grand Forks. The difference is of course is that there's a lot more places to buy your bait in Devils Lake than in Grand Forks. So we've pretty much got the market in Grand Forks. Of course if you buy your bait at Home of Economy you'll get the best value for your money. We don't have the time to count out minnows. We'll fill up the scoop and give it to you. We think that Minot will have the potential to do very well selling minnows. It might take a while to change people's habits, but given time it'll do well. That's great for us, because we're after the traffic for the rest of the store rather than worrying about making a lot of money selling the minnows themselves.