Here's our latest Carhartt flyer which we inserted this week. This flyer is produced by Carhartt so it's not done just how I'd do it if we were paying for it. Still they're paying the bills so I guess we'll live with it. If it were up to me I'd start off with the Carhartt Extreme winter wear on the front page of this flyer. They don't even include it. That's the difference between producing an ad for the entire country OR producing one just for North Dakota customers. People up here know that they'll need it sooner than later. Our cold snap and snow earlier in the month resulted in us selling in three weeks this year what we sold in all of October last year. Not that these aren't great fall items. That's a great work jacket and you won't get a better price on a great jean than the two for offer as well. I've got to check them out because I like pants with the cell phone pockets. I knew those were coming but haven't looked them over yet. In my opinion page two is wasting some space. I don't think the picture of the lady working on a tree is going to sell anything. Now, it's a good thing to have a lady model because that reinforces that we have Carhartt sized for women. I don't think that many people are aware that our Grand Forks store was one of the original test markets for Carhartt women's clothing. We've got some Carhartt footware on page 3. I wish they had more because we sell the heck out of that line. It's come out of nowhere in the last couple years to become one of our largest work boot lines. Those Carhartt Work Dungaree's are starting to sell pretty well. I think they'll actually outlast jeans for a person that works hard in them. The back page has some great items. I like those long sleeve t-shirts. I like the two products on the bottom right. We've got horses, well, my wife and daughter have horses. They already wear Carhartt work jackets for wearing around the barn and on the horses. I think that Sherpa lined jacket would be pretty popular around the barn as would be those flannel lined jeans.