So we've got an huge booth at the Minot Hostfest booth again. Hostfest is the largest Scandinavian festival in the United States and it's going on right now in one of our home cities. We consider Lefse and other traditional Scandinavian foods to be a category that we lead in. We offer the Guarenteed Lowest Price on everything you need to get started up making Lefse. While it's great anytime, it's so much better when it's still warm from the grill. One thing we do at Hostfest is offer our low everyday retail price at the show. That way a person can buy at the show at the same low price that they can at any of our stores. One advantage of that is that a person can pick up what they need on their way out of town at the store rather than lug all of their purchases around the Hostfest show and parking lot.