I think this is a really interesting line. There's nothing fancy about it, it's mostly electric fence accessories. A lot of it is very generic like fence handles and plastic insulators. What's interesting is that last year we switch vendors and are now selling a product from Dare Manufacturing. This stuff is nice, but we have horses and I've used both products. I don't see that the new line is better than the old. So I'm shocked that we've more than doubled sales. We're actually at 233% of the prior years sales. I looked at this line that a customer wasn't shopping for a brand or features, but they were shopping at their favorite store. I didn't think making a change was going to make a big difference in sales. But it certainly did. The big advantage of Dare is that they came with a lot nicer displays and signage. Again, I thought (and was wrong like usual) that the customer that knows this product knew what they needed and didn't need a bunch of informational signs. This really teaches me a lesson that I should have learned before. Sometimes it's the little things that make the biggest difference in the retail game.