Last week we dropped our late October flyer. This flyer actually is in three parts. The first is the regular items. That's on the front and back pages and the inside front and back cover. The second is the Carhartt insert that I posted last Friday. The last is a four page section that's meant to be seen as almost a separate piece just for deer hunting. A person can pull this section out if that's the only thing their interested in. That Under Armour on the right hand side is a great item for deer hunting. It's made to wick away the moisture to keep you dry so that you don't get chilled after a hike, a run, or after you've drug something. I don't know exactly how they do it, maybe it's magic. We've also got a lot of the orange gear. Deer hunting is very tough for us to buy for. The temperatures can run from in the 20's to in the 50's. If it's cold we don't have enough of the insulated stuff. If it's warm we have way too much that we can't get rid of. Carrying too much inventory is one of those things that can really hurt a retailer. This page is big on the do it yourself butchering. I'm just getting into deer hunting for my son's sake. (He got his deer during the September youth season.) I had my deer processed, but it sure isn't a way to save money on groceries by any means. We've got all of the stuff you need to do your processing like meat grinders but on this and the last page. We probably should have put that stuff together, but no flyer is perfect. We've got a real hodge podge of stuff on this page. They're all great items. Here's a bunch of the other meat processing gear. We've also got the Blue Rhino propane tanks. We've sold new filled propane tanks in Grand Forks for a long time, but we changed over to Blue Rhino to get it in all of the stores AND to be in the refill business. It's really gone well.