For those that don't know we have the Amish Furniture Gallery in our Grand Forks, North Dakota store. We've had it for about 3 years now and it's doing fantastic for us. I thought it'd be nice to focus on a few products available in the Amish Furniture Gallery. Here's a beautiful kitchen Island that is beautifully made. Everyone expects our Amish Furniture to be well made, and it is. The finish is unbelievable. But what people don't expect is the number of options that is available on a piece like this. This island has a beautiful tile top, but you can get it in granite or a number of different finishes. If you have a need to match something bring in a sample and I'm sure you'll be satisfied with what you get. And the base can be had in a number of different finishes as well. Most furniture at our competitors now days is unfortunately made overseas. Because this furniture is made by craftsmen in the United States they can customer build your furniture to fit your need. Try having that done at the chain store down the road. We have delivery all around including Fargo, Devils Lake and Grafton North Dakota. We deliver into Minnesota as well and we do a lot of business with people from Winnipeg Manitoba. They have another reason to love the Amish Furniture since it's duty free for them. We will deliver for pickup to our stores in Jamestown, Minot and Williston North Dakota. We are the largest Amish dealer in the region. We've even had people drive all the way from Bismarck to buy our Amish Furniture. So next time you're in Grand Forks North Dakota, make sure you stop at the Amish Furniture Gallery at Home of Economy. If you have any questions about what we have or delivery times you can call the sales team at the Amish Furniture Gallery, 701.795.3600.