Yesterday we put out the Mid States Summer Flyer. That flyer also contained this "wrap" produced and paid for by the Farnam company. Farham makes a ton of animal care products. Horse care is the number one item we sell from Farnam. We sell a lot of sprays to repel flies and mosquitoes from horses. I started learning about horses 12 years ago when I met my wife who has pretty much always been around horses. I was surprised to learn how much trouble horses have with common flies and even mosquitoes. They can really make them miserable. We've also got bio spot from Farnam which is a very affordable long lasting control for wood ticks on your dog and cats. I would never go without having treated our dogs for ticks anymore. It's made the early summer a LOT more pleasant. We also get our fly traps from Farnam. If you live on a farm you've got to have these to control the dang things. This is a coupon based sale. Don't worry you can pick up a flyer in the store to take advantage of them. Just in case you can't make them out the coupons cover. Ivermectin paste. Fly masks. Equisect fly repellent. Just one bit mouse poison. Weight builder for horses. Endure Sweat resistant fly spray. Bio Spot for Dogs and Cats. D-Worm tablets for tapeworm. Stable fly trap or ez trap. Adams plus flea and tick collar. Golden Malrim And Fly Traps.