We were sitting around in a meeting a couple weeks ago somewhat dissatisfied with our focus in fishing advertising. You can advertise lures and bring some people in but they really don't generate a lot of dollar sales. Of course store traffic is always good but we thought we could do better. What we decided is that what makes us a different kind of fishing store is that we offer a lot more than just tackle. First of all the number one traffic item for the fishing department is bait. We do a great job with bait, (minnows, leaches and worms) in Grand Forks and Devils Lake. Minot is soon to get a minnow tank in addition to the leaches and worms they sell. The other stores sell bait. What makes us different of course is that we don't get cheap with the minnow scoop. We dig in and get you a full scoop. We also sell a LOT of marine batteries, both deep cycle for your trolling motor and marine starting batteries. It's not a bad idea to replace a deep cycle battery that you've gotten two seasons out of. Also the worst thing to happen is have your boat not start because the battery is dead. We do a great job with batteries which includes all kinds of specialty batteries like for your boat. We also think that running batteries (which we're known to be the leader in) we might get fisherman checking out our expanded tackle in our branch stores that haven't always been strong in fishing. We also are big in trailering supplies which is a big part of the fishing scene. Here we feature a light kit for your boat trailer but we have all of the stuff you'll need like receiver hitches, balls and other wiring stuff. Finally we are featuring reals in the ad. I think we're pretty unusual in that our fishing ad doesn't hit tackle well, but this may turn out to be the best TV ad we've ever run.