This may not be the most exciting post ever, but I think it's important anyway. When we have big flood events one of the first things we run out of is drain plugs. In a normal year these don't sell at all. But in a flood year they sell like crazy. The problem is that if we stocked up for a big year we could be holding these for years. You can't make money in retail having years worth of inventory. When it comes to pumps and hose and fittings we can fill in almost right away. Last year we didn't run out at all in those areas even though sales were several times what we normally sell. But for some reason when drain plugs are in demand you can't get them. Not from the distributor, not from the factory, not from anyone. These don't cost a lot, but when you need them you need them. They don't take any room and they don't go bad. If you don't have them I'd highly recommend that you buy enough to take care of your problem drains and put them someplace that they won't get misplaced. You might not need them this spring, but problems always come unexpectedly in the middle of the night. This is one area you want to invest a couple buck so that you don't have a nasty expensive mess later on. Plus if you buy them now while we can restock you won't be taking a plug from someone who hasn't planned ahead and is in dire need.