I can't believe how long I let this thing slide. I apologize. I hope to do better, although I do have some time off next month so we'll have another short hiatus in the middle of the month. In the last couple weeks we counted the Grand Forks store. I was really happy to find that at the first look we were overall within 5 hundredths of a percent. That's netting out the longs and shorts so we do have some issues to work through, but it shows that we're not doing too bad. On Saturday the Grand Forks Store has our annual Crazy Days event. This used to be a lot bigger thing for us. What's happened is that we're about the only retailer that still participates. Less people come to town so it's kind of a flop. The other thing that's happened is that the date for the Grand Forks Crazy Days has moved around. In the old days it was always on the the first Monday of August. That's important because a lot of Canadians have that day off. They'd show up in droves, cars and buses. When North Dakota began opening Sundays we had it on Sunday and Monday. Since ND opens at noon on Sunday it REALLY led to a busy opening. For some reason some retailers wanted to move their sale up a week. We tried following suit but that didn't work for us. We were disappointing too many of our Canadian customers. Finally a year or two ago we decided the heck with them. We were going to do our own thing and if anyone else wanted to follow suit sobeit. We're back to the Saturday and Sunday before the first Monday of August. We still have a good Crazy Days but it's not like the old days.