image With the cold and rainy spring (I'm sure it'll turn around soon) we haven't been setting any records but our greenhouse is open. Once again our flowers and other live plants look great. We can't seem to sell any trees except for apple trees. We do very good with them. I planted some apple tress from here a few years ago and within a few years I had more apples than I (and the rest of the family could use.) So we've got some specials going on 4-packs. Here's some of the marigolds that are on sale for that price. We do have some shrubs and evergreens. I'm going to buy a few of those spruce trees. You can see that our extra-large-jumbo greenhouse is full of plants. We expect that once the weather turns that we'll have a very short selling window. While we have plenty you might want to do your shopping before the run starts. Our customers have told us for years that we have the nicest plants in town. We buy from the best regional suppliers so that we have the products that are fitted for our short growing season.