Our buyer negotiated a great deal on the WORX brand of cordless string trimmer. He was able to get a free battery to go with the string trimmer. Right now we have these on sale for $109.99 WITH THE EXTRA BATTERY. Such a deal! Cordless string trimmers aren't the right tool for a large lawn, but if you just have a few areas you like to clean up they are the way to go. They are light plus they don't have the hassles you get with a gas powered trimmer. They're even more valuable if you can charge one batter while you use the other. You'll never have to sit on the hammock while you're waiting for the charger to get the trimmer ready to go. Wait, maybe they aren't such a great idea. Anyway because this was an add-on they didn't come with the trimmers. We've told sales people to catch the customers (and we've put up signs like above) to make sure they get the extra battery. It never hurts us to have the customers know what they're supposed to get because we don't always have time during the busy seasons. And we fully expect that we'll have a short but sweet (busy) lawn and garden season. We've already sold 1/3 of the trimmers we could get (even though the grass is just getting started. You'll want to get here right away.