I had a 2 1/2 hour meeting with the Carhartt man this morning. He was showing us the new colors and items coming out next spring. They've got a lot of product improvements, but since Carhartt does SO well in basics the changes aren't anything huge. Mostly just tweaking their great product line. We've carried the Carhartt Work Dry t-shirts for a while, but this was the first time I thought to ask what makes them so good. I thought the answer was pretty interesting. The shirts are a cotton/poly mix, but they layer the fabrics so the poly is on the inside. That makes the sweat wick away from your body into the cotton where it's more easily evaporated. The effect is to keep you dryer on the job. That actually sounds like a great idea, because these shirts are sold to be used on the job for eight or ten hour shifts. If you can stay dry and comfortable longer it has to be a good thing. The shirts also have some kind of odor control built into them. I'm told it does make a big difference. We sell a ton of t-shirts from Carhartt. Most of them aren't as high tech, but if you want them we've got it for you. They come in both short and long sleeves as well. Our store guy and I met with him yesterday as well. We ordered pretty much a truckload of new shelving to expand our Carhartt shops. We're selling so much of it that we need to take out other products to make room for more Carhartt. (Our buyer says I'm obsessed with Carhartt.)