The Grand Forks Herald ran a story about the Home of Economy in Minot. The flood victims they talked about was one of our Team Members that is living in the RV in our parking lot. Our Store Manager there did a great interview as well pointing out the H of E has always done what it takes to do what we need to do to help our customers:
“It’s not only north hill (and) south hill,” said Ben Litzinger, manager of Home of Economy. “The river kind of cuts off about half of the east side of town, and a lot of my workers live on the east side of the river.” Litzinger said he typically has 18 employees working throughout the day. The flooding has cut that number to six. He said he has had to work 12 hours shifts to make up for lost employees. “If I have to run the store with me and one other person, I’ll do that,” he said. “I understand that not everybody’s going to be able to make it in.” They were lucky, though, when it came to stock piling supplies, he said. A truck from Grand Forks came Friday morning before U.S. Highway 2 was closed near Towner, N.D. He said during the evacuation periods the store was very busy, and electrical generators and water pumps were the first to go. Litzinger, who lived through the Red River flood of 1997, was confident in his shop’s supply and their ability to stay open. “In Grand Forks in ’97 Home of Economy was open the whole time. They actually had to move their business just outside of town,” he said. “If they can stay open, we’re staying open.”
Talk of what Ben's going through brings back the memories of the Grand Forks flood where we were the only store open every day throughout the flood.