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Yesterday was the Salvation Army Day at Home of Economy. The Home of Economy Team rang the bell all day. (The best was my 10 year old daughter who sang carols as well.) Maybe I'm biased. Anyway I just spoke to Major Wilson and we raised $863 for them. I think last year it was just over $500. Home of Economy, the corporation, is matching that up to the $500 so it was a good day for the Army. Next Monday WDAZ is coming here to have their Salvation Army event. They'll be doing their evening news broadcast from here even. That's pretty exciting. We have a group of Team Members that put on an auction for everyone here. This year they raised over $600. The Home of Economy Team is matching what WDAZ raises up to that $600. The Salvation Army is a great organization that does what needs to be done. I'm proud of everyone that helped them raise so much needed money.