Here's our Homecrest Furniture ad for the year. Homecrest is a GREAT line of high quality outdoor furniture based in Wadena Minnesota. We've sold it for 50 years and last year was our best ever with an increase of 40%. We're not sure why it took off that much. We did do a couple things like move it up to the front of the Grand Forks store. The Grand Forks Herald did feature that red group in the ad in a feature article. I think that helped as well. We really wish that Homecrest would put in more bright colors. That bright red sold terrifically last year. Homecrest isn't for everybody. It is a bigger investment than the stuff that's imported from China. On the other hand this stuff is heavy duty and it lasts. The fabrics are made to be resistant to fading. On my porch is a set that I got from my grandmother's house after the flood of 1997. The frames are probably close to 40 years old. We had to replace the cushions because they had been wrecked in the flood. Homecrest, like all of our fine furniture is only displayed in Grand Forks. However we will ship free to our other stores for pickup.