This is my favorite commercial for a long time. I really like how they led in with the phrase "How do you get to be number one." I know you're not supposed to brag but if we don't, I don't think the competition is going to let everyone know that we're the leader in Tires and Batteries in the Northland. We've talked to a lot of people over the years, from suppliers to recyclers and yes, they all tell us we're moving more product than anyone else. It's a funny story how we started publicly claiming that we were number one. A number of years ago Minot had a new tire dealer that was real aggressive with their advertising. Their point was that they were working REAL HARD to become number one. Well we couldn't let that stand. We had to point out that it was Home of Economy that WAS #1 and that we were working hard every day to keep that standing. I also like the background video in this. The landscape and truck is so typical of our market area that I think it's going to be more effective than when the ad agency uses stock car video. I had to even double check that it wasn't my yard in the background because we have a pipeline in the neighborhood like in the video. I'm also glad that we're highlighting pickup tires. That's a key part of of our market. It's a bit scary to do that because of course pickup tires cost more than car tires so you have to advertise an higher price point.