Sorry for the lack of posts last week. We were busy getting started in our inventory season. On Wednesday and Thursday we counted everything in the Minot store. This weekend we're doing the Grand Forks store. We'll be closing in Grand Forks around 3 pm and opening up Monday morning at 8 am. We'll have a crew working before we close counting the back rooms and some of the slower moving stuff. Inventory isn't any fun. But if we have to keep our inventories accurate so we have the right products for our customers at the right time. You can't do that without an accurate inventory. And it doesn't seem anyone can keep them accurate without shutting down and COUNTING THE STUFF. We'll get done Sunday evening. We will be back at in counting the inventory in Devils Lake next Wednesday and Thursday. I'll try to keep somewhat current on the H of E news site, but it gets tough to do the extras during the inventory season.