I know you've been waiting for it. It's Home of Eocnomy's Big Brown Bag Sale. We give 12% off anything you can fit into the bag. What makes our bag sale better is that IT'S GOOD FOR SALE AND CLEARANCE ITEMS. We've got a full 12 page flyer out today as well so go ahead and take advantage of it. There's a ton of great values out there and they only get better if you shop smart. If you don't have a flyer to get the coupon in go ahead come in anyway and if you ask for one we'll let you have it without the coupon. We do have some exclusions to the sale, which include: Ammunition National Brand Oil DeWalt and Makita power tools Gift Cards Salt Electronic Fishing Aids (Depth Finders) And we don't honor the pricing for prior sales. This event is only good from today (May 6th until Monday May 11th.) By the way, we have to keep the bag for the one next year. Sorry.