So here's our newest latest Flyer that just came out in your newspaper yesterday. That is if you still get the newspaper. Circulation at the newspapers has fallen so much that it's a concern to us that we're missing so many customers. Now the flyer is out there on our website but that's for the customers that want it. We've tried setting up a mailing list of those that want to see it, but that hasn't worked either. We do have copies in the stores for our customers to pick up, but that doesn't bring new people to the the store. This has been a GREAT flyer for us the past few years. Let's hope that it keeps on. I want to point out the fantastic deal we've got going for fathers day. If you buy a pair of Carhartt pants (excluding shorts) you will get a FREE polo shirt. Not only is that a great deal in itself, but we have a fastastical price for the B17 Carhartt Jeans. That's a special price that Carhartt has only authorized until fathers day. I'm thinking that they should get a lot of people giving their jeans a test drive with a price like that. Pages two and three are heavy into the clothes that make H of E's clothing selection one of a kind. We are massively strong in Jeans, workwear and boots. Check out the Weber grills at the top of the page. We've been emphasizing Grills for a year now and we are happy with the effect. Another must buy on page 4 is the mosquito repellent. I was out back in the yard last night and I didn't dare stop for a moment. Pages 6 and 7 are big in lawn and garden. You can see we have the Off on the top of Page 7. For some reason the Off products have always been in the Lawn and Garden department and the other products in our Sporting Goods. It mad some sense in the past because we bought Off from a L & G source and the other products from Sporting Goods sources. What doesn't make sense is to advertise the product on different pages and display them apart from each other. I never said we were perfect. Check out the Purina on our animal page. That's really taken off well in the last couple weeks. Page 9 is our housewares and toys along with some Home Improvement Departments. We DO have air conditioners in Grand Forks, but not every store so we can't advertise them in the flyer. Pages 10 and 11 are our farm and tool pages. We've got some great sellers here. We're still seeing great growth in the Dewalt line. Another line to watch is those fill-right pumps. That's an awesome line. Finally we've got a sump pump there. We didn't sell as many this spring but they're still going out the door. The back page is normally reserved for Tires, Batteries and Automotive. We switched it up for once and put batteries on the front, "Life in the Fast Lane." We've got some of our new Cooper tires on the back, so we aren't getting that crazy.