You usually don't hit it this good, but our Lawn and Garden flyer is out. When you look at the front page you'll see that we maybe were a bit pessimistic. We've got pumps featured on the front page, which unfortunately are still necessary. We're stocked up again. There's a lot of ground water out there, so even those that aren't affected by the flooding might need to upgrade their pumps. We've also got a lot of Science Diet (with a $10 rebate) on the front page as well. That's still going great for us. We want to ride that dog as far as it will take us. Also on the front page is Carhartt rain gear. While I hope we don't need to use that anytime soon, it's a great product. This area has really grown for us since we brought it in. People that work outside in the rain LOVE it. This is stuff that will last the season versus the products that tear right away. People also use it a lot when they work indoors in areas that are constantly wet. On the back page you'll see Tires, Batteries and Trailers. Those are three of our biggest lines. We own the utility trailer market. I can't believe how many of those we sell. Inside you'll see a great collection of workwear for those ready to start their outside job like farming and construction. We've also got what you need for your yard, your farm and your house and your animal. With the economy slowing down it's great to be in a business that offers good value on stuff people need. Home of Economy has decided to sit out this recession. We've got a place in our main website for the current flyers. We haven't got that far yet, so I'll post the pages here.