Here's our new Lawn and Garden department ad. Lawn and Garden is a difficult area to handle right. We want to point out how we have everything you need for your lawn and garden. It's pretty hard to do that in as 30 second ad. Instead we're leading with some hot prices on items and hoping that the customers associate us with having what they need. It's my opinion that we've got the most complete selection of lawn and garden products, at least as far as our flagship Grand Forks store. Where else can you buy your mower and have it fixed if it's needed and buy the nicest bedding plants in town and get the Guaranteed Lowest Price on your lawn chemicals and buy your mother a new garden shovel for mother's day and get lawn furniture at an opening price point and heirloom quality. I think we're the only place for all of that and our regular customers know that. But it's a tough thing to get customers that aren't regulars to become aware of that.