I had a construction meeting yesterday in Minot. Visually there hasn't been much progress, but I am assured that thing are soon going to happen fast.


The groundwork is nearly done. We've got our geo piers down as much as 40 feet below the floor of the store. The building site has been leveled with gravel (granular material) and they are building the footings around the building.


We've been at it for a couple months and I wouldn't blame someone who drove by from wondering if we were just adding to our parking lot. That's going to change immensely in the next month. The wall panels are pretty much all completed and are sitting in the Wells Concrete lot in Grand Forks. Next week they'll start putting them up. At the same time the steel columns and ceiling joists will be going up to tie the entire building system together. In the matter of three or four weeks we are going to have the shell of the building up. I can't wait to see it.