Here's the rest of the flyer that went out last week. I've already posted the other parts of it. We've got some hunting items because this is the time for the season. You'll see our new line of Mr. Heater Kerosene heater. We had to change brands because our old supplier went out of business. These look great but you never know how the public will accept a change. We've got a great buy on Science Diet on the front page as well. Page two is always clothing, has been for years, except for this flyer. With the four pages of Carhartt inserted and the four pages dedicated to deer hunting something had to give. We have some Carhartt items that weren't in the flyer, but sell well this time of year. Then we have a Dewalt box. We're getting great growth with the Dewalt line and want to feature it in as many flyers as possible. Page 7 is the animal health page. We've even got more science diet. That Ivermax is one of our biggest selling products we sell. A lot of it must go up to Canada because when the Canadian dollar dropped in relation to the US dollar last fall sales really slowed down. Now the Canadian Dollar's pretty strong so I hope we'll sell the heck out of it during November and December. The last page is no surprise to people who watch for our flyers. Tire and Batteries are our #2 and #3 lines. (Carhartt's number one in sales and in my heart). But I love those two as well. Seafoam is a product that we sell the heck out of. That price there is as low as the company will allow us to sell it. It's surprising but we're already selling a lot of the diesel fuel additives for the winter. We've really grown that category the last couple years. Wish we had been on the ball before. We had a trucker in here last year that was blown away by our price when he compared us with the truck stops.