This is such a strong Battery and Tire Ad we decided to update it when the products in it became obsolete. We originally ran this last fall. The one tire style got discontinued by our manufacturer. The Battery company changed their labels. Aside from that we kept the same ad. I suppose some will wonder why we didn't just put together a new ad since we have run this quite a bit. It's our understanding that consumers don't pay that much attention to television ads. The more you can repeat the better off you are. What we're trying to do is to make people think Home of Economy when they need a new set of tires or a new battery. I think this ad does that well. I also like the ad because it was shot in North Dakota and people will recognize the terrain. For a second I thought they shot the ad near my home. I also love the start "How do you get to be #1." We're the hands down leader in tire and battery sales in our towns. We've got to brag about our position because I don't think the competition is going to do it for us.