This is our new Carhartt Jeans and Shirts Ad. I think they did a nice job with it. It's too bad that we can't cover the variety of products that we get from Carhartt. It used to be that Carhartt was known for the great outdoor work jackets, bibs and coveralls. That's perfect for us being in North Dakota. If it's cold it's obvious you need the best cold weather gear. But if we have a warm winter a person spends a lot more time outdoors so you still need the Carhartt stuff. In a lot of places not that far South you can't sell this stuff in a warm winter because it's just too good. With more crews going 12 months a year we're seeing great growth in this outdoors stuff. What's really exciting though is that the first layer has now surpassed the insulated Carhartt. That means we can sell it 12 months of the year. Working people love the durability of the canvas work pants and the t-shirts (we sell a ton of those.) Their jeans are growing every year as well. They just plain fit nice. They're durable. I think a person wears the Jeans that fits their personal view of themselves. Carhartt is known for quality, not the latest fashion. It's also something that isn't cheap, but it isn't overpriced as well. I think a lot of guys see themselves in that way as well. Anyway, Home of Economy is by far North Dakota's #1 Carhartt dealer. We're looking at overtaking a few other states as well.