So we've been seeing great growth in the FR line. We not only carry products from Carhartt, we have Wrangler and Walls FR gear as well. Still Carhartt is about 75% of our volume and it makes sense to me to build on our great relationship with Carhartt. After all even if a person who sees this ad doesn't need FR they still need Carhartt stuff. Everyone that's cool needs Carhartt. Earlier in the month we had a training session with the Carhartt FR trainer. I was shocked to see how standard fabrics burn after an electrical explosion. The explosion is over while the standard jackets and pants keep burning. The Carhartt fabrics actually have the fire killing chemicals embedded in the fabric. By magic I suppose. I was impressed that Carhartt tests their stuff for safety after 200 washings. Most of the others test them up with 100 washings. The Carhartt guys say that's because their stuff lasts that long so they feel they have to test it for as long as it lasts.