Earlier this year, it seems like forever, we did a Carhartt ad where we were talking about hiring a new Carhartt Spokesman. Our idea was to keep this going by having some auditions to pick the next anchor. Well here it is in preliminary form. Later we'll add in some items and prices, but for now I think this is great. The ad was shot in Minot. We have at least one Team Member who did a wonderful job. We also had some volunteers from a drama club or something. I think they all did a fabulous job. Everyone that's seen it thinks it's funnier than heck. I think they ad will get people to watch the add because there's so many neat parts. Anyway, great job everyone. I think I even did ok. Here's the ad we did earlier this year: The point was to replace the great "news" spots that were so successful for us. Here's a sample of one of those.