Here's our latest Wrangler ad. This isn't exactly the form we'll be running it in. We'll put in some items and prices into the ad when we actually PAY for the ad to run. I think it's a great ad. Like our snowmobile ad it's something that I think the customers will pay attention to. When it comes to advertising I think you always have to be thinking about just how the ad is going to sell product. But you can't just think about selling that product. You have to think about how it builds that brand and the brand of the store by itself. I think this helps the public know that we are a big player in Wrangler Jeans (and other clothing.) After all how many local retailers are running ads like this? That will help sell product and build the Wrangler and H of E Brand. The other thing that will be added is the price and item that will let them know specifically that we have a buy that they want to participate in.