Here's our latest and greatest flyer that just came out last week. This flyer isn't being produced by us so it is a bit different. We have limited control on the product placement. Still it's not that we know everything so sometimes doing something different can teach you something. This flyer ends the day before Thanksgiving. The front page as you can see announces this as a winter flyer. Right now it looks like we're a bit early for winter stuff, but in North Dakota you never really know. Since this flyer has been weaker for us, it makes sense to run it before Thanksgiving when we know we'll be busy one way or the other. Still the front page has some real good items. We'd have been putting Carhartt Extremes on the front and Science Diet as well. That heated pet bowl is a fantastic item. We sell hundreds of them every winter. They work too. Dewalt's a great line for us to. We're growing it 30% every year. And the gun safes are HOT HOT HOT this year. Page has some nice items. We've got a BB gun (be careful you don't shoot your eye out) and a lot of work clothing. We've also got some heaters which are nice for deer hunting time. (Keep them around for ice fishing as well.) A nice Carhartt page with some gloves and boots at the bottom. That Kinco line has really done well for us without taking away from Wells Lamont. We've got a real nice pet page here. This page is much like what we'd do ourselves. While Science Diet continues to grow beyond any other brand we're doing very well in Diamond, Iams, Nutro, Pedigree and the rest. I'm told you've got to have a complete selection and not just focus in on one brand. I'm skipping pages 5 thru 8 right now because they are all dedicated to toys. Here are some tools, including some more Dewalt. Here's a page I think they underdid. If we were doing it we'd have that more than that one Mr. Heater kerosene heater. That's an huge line for us. The brand we've carried since I was growing up went out of business last year. I think the Mr. Heaters are a great substitute but we've got to hit the advertising hard so we don't miss a beat. I really like the lineup of Tuthill pumps that they've got on this page. We do amazingly well on that line. The backpage has tires and batteries. I wish they had done more batteries on that page. I had always thought that we had a real good market share on automotive batteries. We started hitting the batteries in our advertising a bit harder and they really took off. It seems that on batteries that you have to keep the top of mind awareness so that when the customers are ready to buy they already know where to go.