This year we're doing a flood ad to get that top of mind awareness to the public that we are the place to go. The first thing we want is for the customers to know that we're going to be in stock on Wayne pumps and we'll have the extra stuff. Wayne is a great line. When there's a flooding event we get a lot of people in here that I don't normally see buying pumps. To me that means that they're coming here because they trust the Wayne name to protect their most valuable physical asset. The other idea we wanted to get across is that we are honoring our guaranteed lowest price program on our flood stuff. It seems that when there's an emergency situation that some...well nuts come out of the woodwork and accuse everyone of raising prices. I don't think anyone in towns been doing that, and I know we haven't. But people get a bit worried, so I thought we'd let them know that we're going to be the place to get their flood stuff at the best price when they need a pump. One example of what we did last year was we had to buy some suction hose from a different source. We couldn't get our regular product and the new source was a lot higher. Rather than create any idea that we were unfairly raising prices we ate the increase. I think that any business would seriously look at doing that if they were able because you don't want to give anyone a legitimate concern that you aren't be fair with them.