I'm really excited. Late last week we found an Amish buggy for sale close to us. We asked our furniture builder to help us find a buggy to help promote our Amish Furniture Gallery in the Grand Forks Store. They weren't able to find anything for us in Holmes County Ohio. I thought about that some and I think I came up with the reason. The Amish have large families. I'm sure that there's always a family member to pass a buggy down to. So when I found this buggy we jumped on it right away. I think this is an excellent item to help us promote the Amish Gallery. There are a lot of people that are hard to reach with advertising now days. They don't watch the news, don't read the local paper and maybe listen to satellite radio. There are so many tv channels nowdays that you can't get everyone. But this buggy is something that gets noticed. Having it up in front of the store will remind our customers that we have Amish Furniture. People driving by will see it and at least wonder why it's here. We plan on using it in parades and maybe seeing if we can park it around town. Of course we'll need to have some complimenting sign work down to finish telling the story. The buggy's came in great shape, except a horse kicked up a rock and chipped the window. Aside from that minor fix I think the buggy is perfect for us.