Every week we have a conference call with our store managers. Yesterday I asked the store managers how many of them have been getting rain. Everyone told me that it had been raining. I heard yesterday was the record for precipitation for Grand Forks. None of this looks good for the spring flood. We're doing what we can to be ready to help our customers. We actually take quite a bit of pride in being here when there is an emergency. During our conference call we discussed on things to work on for the following week. All of the store managers were committed to getting our flood preparation stuff out in prominent spots. The two areas they were specifically concerned with were rubber knee boots and Wayne pumps. I shot a couple pictures of the Grand Forks displays of pumps and the Minot store manager posted a picture of his endcap right when you come in the door. http://homeofeconomy.net/images/uploads/IMG_0231_thumb.JPG http://homeofeconomy.net/images/uploads/IMG_0232_thumb.JPG These two are in the Grand Forks store. The top is a pallet display by the South door. The other one is an endcap back where we always have pumps. http://homeofeconomy.net/images/uploads/gallery_72_19_57385_thumb.jpg This is the Minot endcap. This should be our top producing endcap. It's right when a customer walks into the store. The idea is to firmly place in the customers' minds that we are the place to go for pumps. We keep the pumps on sale for the entire flood season every year. That way the public knows that we're doing what we can to help them get through this. http://homeofeconomy.net/images/uploads/IMG_0233_thumb.JPG This is a picture of a five and an half Pacer pump. It has two inch input and output. It moves a ton of water for sure. The engine is Briggs and Stratton's high quality Intek commercial grade engine. These are a great buy at $249.99. I see we've been able to keep the price on that Pacer pump that low for long enough for the sign to get very shabby. That's a good thing for the consumer.