We're excited to be no able to offer Purina Dog and Cat foods to our customers. We've been working on this for a while but we weren't going to do it until we were able to offer it at a competitive price. Some might wonder why we're doing this since we do so well with the Science Diet. Science Diet is great, but people have their preferences. If we don't offer what they want they'll get it somewhere else. http://homeofeconomy.net/images/uploads/IMG_0265.JPG Here we have Dog Chow. At one time that was the #1 brand name in the market. I think that the premium products has taken over that but it's still a powerful brand. http://homeofeconomy.net/images/uploads/IMG_0266.JPG We do have the Beneful product. I haven't been educated on this stuff yet, but I think that this is the Purina entry into the high quality food. http://homeofeconomy.net/images/uploads/IMG_0268.JPG We do have the smaller packages. On the right you see the famous Puppy Chow. We've got that in large bags as well. http://homeofeconomy.net/images/uploads/IMG_0269.JPG And we do have the Friskies brand of Cat Food now. I guess this is an huge player in the market. We don't do our share of cat food in the Science Diet line. We do do VERY well in the lower priced product from Dura Life. Maybe it's the Friskie brand that we've been missing. It'll be interesting. We've had Superific growth in the pet food lines and this is just one more thing that will make us a destination spot for your pet food.