The Home of Economy News site has been up since early in the year. It's taken a while but I think I've gotten used to posting everyday. My adviser in these things says that is what it takes to get people to come to a site like this. I'd like to get a couple more people here at H of E to help post here as well, but nobody's volunteered. I think the site is doing well, although the traffic hasn't built as much as I'd like. My adviser says to give it time. I am putting it in some of our advertising because I think we do have a site that's worth reading. I'm trying to promote the business of course, but I'm also trying to discuss why we do things and what we've learned. One of the things I'd like to be able to do is to answer questions and comments here. We do have comments allowed on the site although they are moderated which means they have to be approved. They're moderated for a few reasons. We do get a fair bit of spam already. Maybe you have something we do that bothers you and you don't understand why? Maybe I won't understand why. While nobody enjoys taking complaints it is an healthy thing to do (provided it's a rational complaint. Some people really do just complain to complain.) I guess I'm not going to have abusive comments but I think I should publish and answer uncomfortable comments. I also can take question via email which would be at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) (If you can't link on it you can type in your email program. Anyway we're looking forward to hearing from you.