The Winter Storm Season is here! This 14 wick candle in a tin foil pie plate can save your life. Keep one or two in your car so that if you get stranded in a winter storm you will have one reliable source of heat. These make a great Christmas Gift for all of your kith and kin. They'll appreciate it right away as they put it in their trunk. If they get stranded they really appreciate it. I'm offering a H of E News Special Price on it. Regularly it's $14.99, but if you print this out and bring it in we'll sell them for $12.99. I've not used one in a car before but I have had reason to use it. In 1997 I was going to move into my house on the 5th of April. Those of us that were around back then will remember that as the viscious Blizzard Hannah. I didn't get moved in. When I got to the house my large upstairs bathroom was frozen up. I put two of these candles on a board and let them go to work. Within 90 minutes the two had warmed the room up to 50 degrees. The pipes melted with no damage. You do have to be careful as they do get pretty hot. Don't leave them unattended. We had one customer upset back in 1997 who was upset as they put a candle on their coffee table and the heat ruined the finish. All I can say to that is that common sense isn't that common. That was the year of the blizzards and we sold a ton of them. What really set it off was a lady in South Dakota got stranded in her car and it took days and days for the authorities to find her as he cell phone battery got weaker and weaker. I think we sold about ten times what we normally sell in a year. I don't see that. If you're driving in North Dakota you need to have one of these before the storms hit. These products are made in Williston North Dakota so you're helping your neighbor as well. They're 14.99 regularly and only $12.99 for the last two days of the Christmas Flyer. Make sure you get them before the storms. Oops, I don't know what I was thinking. They aren't on sale right now, but I made them an H of E News special. Print this page out and we'll sell them to you for $12.99 until the end of the year.