I want to publically thank our pump buyer, Ray Savage, for doing a terrific job keeping us in stock during the flood emergency that we experienced across all of our stores. It was a rare thing for us to be out of pumps during the last two months in any of our stores. In fact from what I can tell the only time we were out was a couple days we couldn't get down to Jamestown due to one of the recurring blizzards we were blessed with this spring. It's more than watching a few different pumps. Ray had to make sure we had all of the accessories as well. He was scrambling to find hose and fittings during the time too. At one time we were working on getting a back up supply of hose because our supplier is located in Fargo and we didn't know if we could get to them. We also need to thank the many people that did what it took to get the pumps in the stores. We were sending pickups and trucks back and forth trying to keep everything in stock. At one time a couple weeks ago our Jamestown store manager sent a guy with a truck up to pick up a load. Those pumps arrived just in time. I do want to point out that we honored our sale prices 100% of the time during the pump emergency. We also ate price increases that came up during the time when we couldn't get the same buy's on hose and other supplies. And of course a big thanks needs to be made to those in the stores that did a great job helping out the customers when they needed us the most. We know that being involved in a flood is a stressful time and the customers aren't always in the best of moods. But our team stuck in there and did their best for the customers. That's something I'm very proud of!