I'm a bit late on the fishing ad. So here it is: I think we did a good job on our product selection. That's a great price on the minnow bucket. I've seen it advertised for 10 pucks a lot of the time. The fishing rod sale should attract a wide spectrum of the fishing public. And letting the customers know that we have Rapala lures is a very good thing. That's a great brand and we love to associate H of E with great brands. Then we have the big scoops of live bait. The one thing that should get the consumers in the store is live bait each and every time they go fishing. At that point you have a chance to buy any of the stuff we carry across the store. We feel we save money by selling it by the scoop rather than counting it out. Plus its good PR! Finally we have the marine batteries. When you think about it we sell a lot more marine batteries to fisherman than we do fishing line. It's thinking a bit outside of the box but it's a very good thing for us. I once had a friend of my brother in law that lived south of Fargo say that he's shopped everywhere between Fargo and Lake of the Woods and we have the best prices on fishing. My brother in law said that this guy was the type to obsess over the pricing. That's nice to know.