Here's our Springtime Values Days flyer. This is coming out in the Sunday newspapers where we can. This is a great flyer and you want to make sure that get in. Page One has Carhartt rain gear as well as announcing that we have Flame Resistant clothing. All of those are huge. We've also got a couple of our Honda generators which we have in all of our stores (Grand Forks, Grafton, Devils Lake, Minot, Williston and Jamestown.) If you're a pet owner you should be feeding them Science Diet. It's a great item and it's not all that expensive considering that your pets eat less because they get more. Page two has More Carhartt, go figure. Carhartt is our number one thing and we're very proud of the selection we have. There are some other Carhartt dealers around but they don't offer a tenth of what we do. We've got the hi visibility workwear from Carhartt at 15% off. Taht's a great value. We've also got the Carhartt jeans that you're seeing more around town. Page three has Wrangler products on it. And yes it's a great line and we are doing very well on that as well. We've also got a few gloves on that page. We have a fantastic market share on gloves as well. Now we're moving on to page 4 where we have boots and boots and socks. We've really built up a great market share in muck boots and knee boats for the flood. We have safety toe boots like nobody else. We've got Ariat western boots for nearly everyone. One tip you may not know is that if you were steel toe boots if you wear boots made for steel toed boots you'll be a lot more comfortable. Page five has some winter shovels and scrapers. Hopefully we won't need them a lot longer. We also have our Weber Grills featured on this page. We've had great growth in the last two years because we've made a commitment to being your Weber leader. Page six is strongest in Dewalt power tools. This is another big success for us. that's really become a major line for us. Check out the trailer section on page 7. I can't believe how many utility trailers that we sell. I didn't think that many trailers sold in the entire region let alone by us. Page 8 is dedicated to animals and pets. We're also a leader in bird food. So if you have some of those little beggers around make sure you buy it from us because we have great quality at a very good price. Page nine is dedicated to large animals, mostly for the cattle guys. We do have our most popular grade 2 and grade 5 bolts on sale in this flyer. This brings in a lot of people to our stores. Page ten is mostly intended for the farmers that are getting ready to get going again. Check out the Fill Rite gasoline pumps. We are the place to go for that stuff. Page 11 continues what we were doing on page 11 for the farmers. We've got some great deals on air compressors which are doing very well for us. We've got roller chain, barn pain, shop towels and extension cords on sale. Don't miss out. Those Pro-Glo extension cords do very well for us. They have lighted ends so you know if you have power when you're working. They also have a high quality covering that works great in all seasons. And on the back page we have some real winners. Most importantly we have a great line up of pumps. check out our selection from Wayne, Honda, Pacer, and Simer. We also have great prices on the hose you need. It sounds like we are due for a doozy of a spring. Make sure you're ready by buying pumps at the guaranteed lowest price.