You can also see it, in larger form on our regular website. Home of Economy's Stars and Stripes flyer has officially hit the streets today. I say officially because there are a couple exceptions to a certain date of execution. The first thing that constrains us is that not all of the publications that we want to be in are daily newspapers. Some of the towns were in have a shopper that is stronger for advertising than the newspaper itself. When that happens you have to change your insertion date. So in some markets, like Devils Lake, we are out on Monday. Since that's the case we have to be ready in all stores for the flyer. That leads us to the second exception is that we've decided since we should spread the flyer around before it goes out in the newspaper. That leads to the question of why we've picked Wednesday to be the day we release the flyer. Traditionally this was a very strong day for the newspaper as the grocery stores advertised on Wednesdays. They seem to have changed that but we haven't. Our biggest publication, the Grand Forks Herald, is stronger on the weekends. We haven't switched to that because we have so many rural customers. We're afraid that if we drop our ad on a Saturday people from out of town might not get it before they make their own trip to town. We figure that we should give the customer a couple days to plan. Of course newspapers aren't what they used to be. We are adjusting by telling the customers that we have a flyer out in radio and TV advertising and that we have plenty of in store copies for them to look over. It's a challenging advertising environment. Of course we're lucky that we can even advertise on television. Most of our peers are in markets that are too expensive to buy television ads. You can advertise your image and some large categories in television advertising but nothing sells like a flyer.