So yesterday our 70th Anniversary Flyer hit the newspapers. Posting it was going to be the first thing I was going to do. I got a start at getting the pictures right and then events took over. I was lucky to escape work with my skin intact I guess. wink So anyway without any further delay, here is the flyer. This is a great flyer. The front page is the most important part of the flyer. We've chosen to our our founders, and my Grandparents, for building a great business that survives after 70 years. Drive up and down the streets of town and think for yourself of how many businesses have been around for 20 year let alone 70. We're excited to offer Columbia jackets for the first time ever this year. In fact they just were putting them up in the Grand Forks store a little while ago. This is a great brand that gives us a stylish offering in winter jackets. Of course we have some Carhartt clothing on the front page. That's our number one priority, expecially in the fall and winter of the year. We've moved up in importance with Carhartt. Last week the national sales manager paid a visit to see how he could help us keep the streak of GREAT sales growth going. I've talked about Science Diet before. We're still seeing great growth. Within the last month we've negotiated with Science Diet to come out with lower prices on the puppy foods to get people started on Science Diet. Just like babies it's important to get the right nutrition for your puppy to help them achieve their potential. I told you Carhartt was our #1 priority. On pages two and three we've got nothing but Carhartt. We're the leader in North Dakota and we're going to keep it that way. Page 4 & 5 are also clothing. We've got our ladies and childrens Carhartt here as well as the accessories. We've also got Wrangler as well as the Berco insulated clothes. We've got great buys on Dickie work clothing as well as Levi and Lee Jeans. Don't forget that we are the leader in fire retardant clothing. This is becoming a real big thing where it's required by OSHA. We see a lot of call for it out in the oil fields as well as the electrical workers. Check out the Weber Section in page 6. Our revamped Weber Grill Department is up 183% for the year. In the past the fourth quarter (October, November and December) are very strong for grills. We think we've got the momentum built up to really finish the year strong. We are back in stock on gun safes. Liberty has been a great line for us. We've got a lot of hunting clothes at just the right time to get out in the field. One Page 8 we've got more Science Diet, especially some of the reduced price puppy foods. We've also got a lot of the bagged feeds for larger animals on this page. This is an important category for us as it brings the customers back as soon as the they get to the bottom of the bag. Page nine has some of our new Val Spar paint. We haven't advertised house paint much this summer as we were transitioning to the Val Spar brand. I used some of this a couple weeks ago on the outside of the house and I was impressed with how it covered with only one coat on top of the primer. Check out the Bunn Coffeemakers. If you need a quality maker you can't beat it. Page 10 is strong with the new Mr. Heater kerosene heaters. We've sold this type of heaters for years but the sales have really exploded the last couple years. Unfortunately the company that made these heaters went out of business last year. But we were fortunate to have a good relationship with Mr. Heater who's sold us propane heaters for years and years. I think they look great and we won't miss a beat. Page 11 is mostly farm stuff, so its got a limited audience. But those are some great lines. That Cancrete cattle waterer has been doing great for us. It weighs about a billion pounds but the guys that use them love them. Page 12 is Batteries and Tires. I was just looking at how our Battery sales have taken off the last 3 years. We're selling 70% more over that time. We must be doing something right because it seems like everybody from the gas station to the giant discounters sell them. One thing that blows me away is how much of that Seafoam we sell. It's a great product to use when you're storing your power equipment to help it start next spring.