One of many bright spots for us in the last couple years has been our sales in FR clothing. This isn't an accident. Two years ago FR was a small category, but when we heard that OSHA was going to make a big deal about it we jumped on the bandwagon. We decided that we were going to do what it takes to be the leader in Carhartt FR in North Dakota. There's no doubt that we have been very successful. We've made the investment to be able to serve our customers when they walk in and need some FR clothing right away. We've also got the resources to handle orders of any size when it comes to outfitting a large commercial account. We have several commercial customers that know we have the product they need on hand so they can send their new guys in and get them on the job as soon as possible. We stock a large amount of the FR product in Williston, Minot and Grand Forks. In our other stores in North Dakota, Jamestown, Devils Lake and Grafton we have some samples available and we will bring in the needed product from our other stores quicker than other people.