The "Mid States" Summer Flyer is out. Most of our flyers and other advertising we produce in house. However our buying group, Mid States Distributing do produce a few flyers that we've found very strong for us. The benefit to us is that we don't have to pay for the printing, just the insertion in the publications. We don't control where everything goes in the flyer but we can add in a limited number of items. We find that to be a good thing because sometimes an item we're forced to carry turns out to be a real winner for us. We've got plenty of extra copies of the flyer in the store. So if you don't get it you can pick it up in the store. Page one is focusing on animals and pets. Page two we have lawn and garden, grills and bird feeding. We are doing great in all three categories. Page three we have horse and animal food, dog food and some animal care products. On Page four we have Jeans and boots, categories that all Mid States members (including ourselves I hope) excel in. Page five is devoted to tools and home improvement items. We've got some pumps and shopvacs in here. Hopefully we don't have any big summer rainstorms, but if we do we're ready to help you with sale pricing on emergency goods. One page 6 we have a selection of ag items. One category of note is the gasoline service pumps from Tuthill. That's become one of our top ten vendors. We keep selling more and more of them every year. Page 7 has a very nice selection of Ertl farm toys. Ertl is a great line. We're known far and wide for having the best selection of toy tractors in all of our markets. Finally we're to page 8. Like most all of our flyers we've got tires and batteries covered here. We've also got a nice selection of Science Diet dog and cat food on this page as well. This is a good back page because Tires, Batteries, Science Diet, Wolverine Boots and DeWalt tools are all on our list of top 15 vendors by sales volume.