That's the new fishing ad. We're putting the #1 lure, Rapala on sale to start out the season. I was told once by someone who shops around that we have the best prices on fishing stuff of anywhere between Wahpeton and Lake of the Woods. I don't know how scientific that is, but this guy is the kind of guy that hunts out the best price no matter what. We do great in fishing in most of our towns. One thing that stands us apart is having low prices AND being able to get everything else you need INCLUDING BAIT. One thing we should have included was we are the #1 place to get marine batteries from. Whether you need it to start your engine or power your trolling motor we can't be beat on price and quality. We do recommend that if you've used your deep cycle battery a lot in the last two years that you get a new one. These drop off in power as they're use. We will test your marine starting battery for free. That way you can feel assured that your boat starts when you're out on the lake. (Or at least if it doesn't start it isn't the battery.) Home of Economy is your fishing headquarters.